Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rant On Crappy Movies

Why do we keep paying to see shitty movies? Oh, you say you don't go see shitty movies? Then let me start with a few numbers that say you do...

The Good:

There Will Be Blood

  • 8.8 average IMDB.com user rating.
  • 8 Academy Award Nominations.
  • Grossed $17 Million
Into The Wild
  • 8.3 average IMDB.com user rating.
  • 2 Academy Award Nominations.
  • Grossed $18 Million
Now the bad:

Fools Gold
  • 4.6 average IMDB.com user rating.
  • Grossed $44 Million and counting.
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
  • 2.6 average IMDB.com user rating.
  • Grossed $30 Million and counting.
In review; two of the highest rated movies of last year grossed $35 Million combined, and two of the most widely panned movies of the year have made over $74 Million and counting.

Why do we keep supporting Hollywood's output of these terrible movies? Why are people so hellbent on seeing Matt McConaughey without his shirt on, and Martin Lawrence's nuts getting whacked? I just don't know who is seeing these movies. Nobody I know will admit they've seen them. It makes me sad to see these sorts of numbers, because that means Hollywood will be rolling out more crap like Roscoe and Gold for us to consume. Fuck, I can't believe how mad this makes me...OK, now I'm fine.

I would like to leave you with an excerpt from a user review of Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins:
"...It was especially disappointing to see an actor of James Earl Jones' caliber in such a trashy movie. If you are looking for a movie experience with more uplifting than negative messages; then, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is not for you. Save your money for another trip to the movies."

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Nayana Anthony said...

This is going to sound like I need to get a life... but I have been devastated the past few weeks when they have announced the top-grossing movies. I want to believe that America is not as ignorant and ethnocentric as the rest of the world believes we are. There is so much good film available... I just don't understand.

PS Your two film picks were great, but I venture to make a third: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It's on DVD right now.