Monday, February 4, 2008

Commentary on Society

The other day, I saw a baby bib on the sidewalk outside of work. It was abandoned, lost and forgotten. It was laying there shouting out to me to take its photo and tell its story.

This is not just an abandoned bib, it is a medaphor for life, relationships, babies, families and death. It speaks to me and the world on a level sometimes hard to understand, and other times, a little too scary to understand...

Just kidding y'all! It's a fucking abandoned bib and it looked weird laying there all flat on the sidewalk and I snapped a photo. Isn't it neat. But what if...what if I were to be as serious as the above paragraph? I'll tell you what if; I'd kick my own ass. Badly. I'd beat my face until my teeth were embedded into my cheeks. It would be ugly.

Why don't we all take this opportunity to laugh and to help those who take life too seriously to settle the heck down, and to laugh at yourself, or at least laugh at your siblings, or your spouse, or your girlfriend or boyfriend or your boss, or maybe your imaginary friend, or even your creepy little dolls you keep lined up on the couch to keep you company.

Bye now.


Nayana Anthony said...

You very nearly lost me... I thought you were going into plastic bag territory a la American Beauty... but you're right. It is just a fucking bib.

Love your blog, by the way... Pistola Whipped showed me your site. Kudos.

Midnight Toker said...

Thanks for the comment and for reading my silliness. Yeah, I thought of doing the whole post all serious, just to piss people off, but I just couldn't do it.
Thanks again.