Monday, January 28, 2008

Strange Places to Have Sex II (Not In The Butt)

And finally, the responses from my friends when they were asked, "Where is the strangest place you have had sex?" (The names are fake, but responses are 100% real)

Jimmy: "On the rectory lawn of my local parish (not with the priest)"

"I was 17 and my boyfriend had an exchange student living with his family, and his family was pretty strict at the time. He could only sneak away for a short time, so we walked down to the park at like 10 at night and did it on one of those wooden play sets. I'm sure tons of people saw. He was home by 10:30."

Sandy: "Honestly, probably on the couch."

Michael: "The stairway in a hotel. And the roof of a parking garage."

Heather: "On the front lawn at a friends house."

Aaron: "In the kitchen, on the counter."

Kristina: "At my in-laws, on my mother-in-law's sewing table."

MidnightToker: "Multiple times at work in the conference center. And in the parking lot at work."

So in conclusion, what did we learn from this informal poll? Not too much. Maybe we've learned that it's OK if you haven't had sex on the top of a water tower or in a jail cell. It's OK if you haven't crashed your car whilst receiving a handy. It's OK if you haven't brought a bottle of cheap wine, a video camera, and a girl to the roof of your apartment building to "see the stars." But is it OK to ask your friends about the weirdest place they've had sex just so you can write a blog entry about it?...

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