Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sexier Album Cover...

Here is what I am wondering today: I don't care whether you're male or or straight...Which one of these album covers is sexier?

For me, it's Tino. The Orleans cover has one major problem; the guy on the right. You look at the other two exposed chests, and they are hairy as all get out, but the dude on the right is bare. Look at his hair and beard and tell me that he doesn't have a naturally hairy chest...That dude shaves his chest and that just isn't cool. Chances are Tino shaves his chest too, but we can't tell. Maybe he doesn't even have chest hair. Who knows.

The title of Tino's album is Por Primera Vez, which, in English, means For The First Time. And this has been a first for me, comparing two sexy albums featuring all guys...Por primera vez indeed.

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