Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Washed Up Child Stars or Hotties?

What happens when children become stars on some crappy sitcom, then the sitcom is canceled and they are left to fend for themselves with their home-schooled degree and retarded social skills? They usually end up being hotties.

Jessica Biel starred on 7th Heaven. She played a Pastor's daughter. And then she turned 17:

Shannen Doherty was the star of Beverly Hills 90210. Now she is the star of this jungle:

Lacey Chabert was on the hit show Party of Five in the 1990's. She played some part on the show, I'm sure she was great, here's a recent photo of her:

Soleil Moon Frye was a child actress who starred in the popular sit-com Punky Brewster.
Where is she now? She got married in 1998 and has one child. She is still acting. Here is a recent photo:

Up next is Alyssa Milano. She was every teenage boys dream girl when she starred in the 1980's sitcom Who's the Boss?.
Where is she now? She does plenty of cameo roles on TV and some movies, but here's a photo of her all grown up:

Up next, Danica McKellar. She played Winnie on the popular show Wonder Years. What is she up to now? I can't be too sure, but here's a photo of her:


twinkles said...

tell me again how you are employed and i was fired?

Anonymous said...

Danica Mckellar has done some straight to TV movies for the SyFy channel and Lifetime TV.