Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is The Croup Real?

My nephew has the croup. Being a dumb-guy, I had no idea the croup was something you could get this day and age. I thought it was a disease from a bygone era that scientists had since slayed, like Polio, Syphilis, or erectile dysfunction. Turns out it is an illness that kids can get from 3 months of age to 3+ years, and it is easily treated in most cases.

It got me to thinking about other illnesses and diseases that I know nothing about.

Rickets, as it turns out, is the softening of bones in children, and not a fancy racquetball raquet. Although it has been under control in the U.S. for quite some time, it is the leading cause of illness for kids in developing countries.

I'm sure there's others I don't know about, but they will remain that way. For now, let's look at someone who obviously didn't have rickets as a child:

Wow. 100% rickets free.

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