Monday, November 5, 2007

I Finally Have My iPod Back

My estranged wife sent me my iPod and I could not be happier. OK, you got me, I could be a lot happier, but it did make me smile when I opened the package. Of course, the iPod was filled with all of my wife's favorite EMOtional music. Some of its OK, but most of it just makes me want to cut my fingers off one-by-one and feed them to my cats.
I spent some time filling up the iPod with The Rolling Stones & Wilco, spent some time sitting in the car before work listening and realized that I still miss my estranged wife who lied, cheated and hurt me badly. I don't want her back, but I miss her, and I'm OK with that.
With my daily affirmation finished, I threw the iPod into my bag and headed in to work.

Yea ipod!

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naval spouse said...

chill out about the ipod.