Thursday, November 29, 2007

Misogynistic Advertisements of Yesteryear

I'm not sure you all know this, but in the past, women were portrayed in advertising as weak, housecleaning, followers. Thank goodness the world has matured and women are no longer seen as nothing more than a man's servant. In 21st Century advertising, women are seen as strong, oversexed, over-tanned babes who can't ever seem to find enough clothes.

Some of my favorite examples of advertisements from the early 20th Century can be found in a lovely postcard book entitled You Mean a Woman Can Open It...? The Woman's Place in the Classic Age of Advertising. You can check out the book at

Here comes some sweet-ass misogynistic advertisements:

A friendly warning about bringing home stale coffee.


A little speed, er, vitamins for wifey, so she can get all the cleaning & cooking done.

I guess if the answer is 'no', the next step would be for her to grab her weird ball of hair and leave.


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Anonymous said...

What's so wrong with this? I think these are quite modern.