Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Looks Like A Real Nice Apron

It's time for the Product of the Week.

This week we have a beautiful, but simple apron. It even comes with embroidery. There are usually 3 choices of embroidery, but right now, the only one in stock says, "Gourmet Goddess", but that's pretty sweet.

The website has this to say about the apron, "Domistyle brings a fresh and funky attitude to the kitchen with these unique designer aprons."

Earlier, I had this to say about the apron, "Look at how hot the apron is. It's so super hot. I can't believe how hot. Look at that craftsmanship! Superb. How could you pass on an apron like that? Soooooooo hot."

If you'd like to check out this product or any of the other fine products available at goneshopping.ca, please go HERE.

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twinkles said...

tell me again how you have stay employed and i was fired? where do you find this stuff?