Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Top Ten Douchebags

My friend Pistola Whipped and I were chatting about douchebags. Here is who we think are the biggest douches.

Top Ten American, British, German and Canadian Political or Celebrity Douchebags.

List by Pistola Whipped

10. Bryan Adams
9. Jay Leno
8. Jean Claude van Damme
7. The Rock
6. Sting
5. Dr. Phil
4. Phil Collins
3. Fred Durst
2. Carson Daly
1. Carrot Top

My List

10. Any Lead-Singer/Drummer
9. Paul Stanley
8. Dr. Phil
7. Par Ridder (Corrupt newspaper publisher who is in forced retirement with a multi-million dollar payoff)
6. Carson Daly
5. Robin Williams
4. Sting
3. OJ Simpson
2. Toby Keith
1. Jay Leno

Yet another list from Twinkles:

10. Don Henley
9. Tim Pawlenty (MN Governor)
8. Jesse Ventura
7. Kanye West
6. Rick Kupchella (Local TV news personality)
5. Lance Bass
4. Tim Blotz (Local TV news personality)
3. The Tiny Man in my Psych Class
2. Jim Rich/Randy Shaver/Eric Perkins (Local TV sports anchors)
1. Tom Lyden (Local TV news personality)

Who is on your douchebag list?

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