Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tribute to Fashion: Mickey Rourke

After seeing Mickey Rourke at the Academy Awards looking all pimpy in his white suit, I knew I needed to pay tribute to this great American.

It's not often, maybe once in a generation, that an icon like Mickey emerges. He's a bad-ass, who dresses like a bad-ass, acts like a bad-ass, and eats wimps like me for breakfast! When a time capsule is unearthed in the year 3000, he should be the face people see, the face of America!

Here's a look at the 2008 fashion of Mickey Rourke.

Oscar Rourke!

Silky Rourke!

Tea-totaling Rourke!

Mask in one hand, champagne to mask the pain in the other Rourke!

Thumbs up Rourke!

Cowboy Rourke!

Rourke says: "Yeah, I'm wearing this. Deal with it. It's really bright and blue, isn't it? I just came from your mama's house, she liked it."

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Beautifully Profound said...

What a frightening looking man.