Thursday, February 26, 2009

you can shave the baby - Art Piece

Even though it is an art piece, nothing can take away from this hairy baby's creepiness.

Why is the baby so hairy? When it was born, did the doctor accidentally drop the baby into a vat of toxic waste when it was born? Was it's mom born on the planet Hairtron? (My inner-voice: Yeah, you really nailed that one! Way to go, you're on fire today! Keep it up!)

My best guess is that the artist was super hairy as a baby, and maybe got ridiculed in school for being extra hairy. There's a fine line when it comes to school kids and hair. Have to little, and you get called baldy, have too much and you get called...hairy, I guess, or maybe Sasquatch. Either way, you gotta have just the right amount of hair to be accepted and left alone.

Click on the hairy baby to see it all blown up. (My inner-voice, again: Now it sounds like I taped firecrackers to the hairy baby and blew it up, but I'm really just talking about seeing the photo blown up to a bigger size...actually, blowing up a hairy baby doll doesn't sound like a half bad idea....)

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Anonymous said...

It looks kind of pissed about being so hairy, too.