Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Humorous Hymen Anecdote

Update: Apparently, I had some of the details wrong, so my sweetheart was kind enough to fill in the blanks...

The following conversation is between my sweetheart and her adorable mom:

Sweetheart: Hey mom. How's it going? How's sis?

Mom: I took her to the doctor Friday. Apparently she has mono. Now it's getting so bad her glands are swollen. You know how you have that hymen in the back of your throat? Her glands are so swollen she can feel her hymen.

Sweetheart: Mom...A hymen isn't in your throat.

Mom: Yes it is. You know, that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat.

Sweetheart:Mom, a hymen is the thing that used to be in your vagina. The thing in your throat is a uvula.

Mom: Are you sure? I thought I knew all of my medical terminology.

Sweetheart: I guess not mom. Medical school 25 years ago is much different than it is today.

Footnote: Both women were having this conversation at work, in cubical environments.


KEN said...

Why was it even necessary to mention the uvumen anyway? I think "Her throat is really sore and closed up" by itself kind of indicates where the problem is.

I'm sure said mom is a wonderful, wonderful person, but it seems like maybe she got burned just trying to use a big vocabulary word, which makes the story even better, so that's the version I'll go with in my head.

Midnight Toker said...

Uvumen made me spit up my Diet Coke. I wish I would've thought of that! Would've been a nice post title. That's why you're in MENSA and I'm not.

Anonymous said...

There are only a few, great blogs that can have a post with the tags "hymen" and "work".