Thursday, April 17, 2008

Empty Bottles and Kids

I was parked outside a strip mall that has a Subway and a liquor store in it. Next to my car a sedan pulled up with 2 adult males and a 3 year old boy. The one man held the boy while the other man cleaned out the back seat of the car. Since there was a big garbage can in front of the liquor store, he thought he'd tidy up a bit. After reaching down in the back seat, his hands were full, and from my vantage point, I could for sure make out 2 empty Corona beer bottles and other misc trash. He tossed the open bottles, then escorted his friend with the boy into the liquor store. They purchased some booze, and got back into the car. The man with the boy got into the back seat where the boy sat on the man's lap. No car seat. No seat belts.

It was a perfect storm of wrongness and I'll be honest, it was fun to watch.
The following is my attempt to low-pro a photo of the 2 men. It didn't turn out so well.

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