Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Balls Get Further Away

It's been a week or so and despite my best moves and sparkling charm, my estranged wife is still estranged, but sharing a bed with me.
My life could not be worse! I'm living with my estranged wife. We are not having sex. We are not getting back together and we are sharing a freaking bed! I even let her borrow my car from time to time.
I'm starting to think I'll never find my balls.

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Bluesoul97 said...

You poor bastard, I'm in the same freakin boat! I'm sharing a house with my estranged wife, she has another man! We don't have sex, we're not getting back together again, we still act like we're together sometimes, she sometimes crawls into my bed in the early morning for a hug and to talk, I can't afford to move out at the moment due to overcommittment on the financial front, it's a freaking nightmare!