Sunday, June 3, 2007

Could My Balls Be In Oklahoma?

My live-in estranged wife left me a note for when I got home today, it read, "I'm renting a car and going home to see my family. Probably be back next week."

I was genuinely relieved since I was not making any headway in getting her to reconcile.

Then I started looking for a check that I needed to deposit. It was for about $200. I looked, but could not find it and I started to panic thinking that I lost it in a drug induced haze. I decided to message my wife to see if she had seen it. The response I got surprised me, but I guess it really should not have.
"I've got it. For emergency."

Emergency? That was a check made out to me! And we've been estranged for over 2 months!
I knew right then that I could never trust her and that being with her would be a huge mistake for me.

To her credit, she did not cash it and gave it back to me.

Here is a God-awful drawing of Sarah in her rental car:

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