Thursday, December 27, 2007

Running With Sharp Objects

I guess sharp objects and kids aren't that bad of a combo...

During a service at St Paul's church in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, a 2-year-old girl found a screwdriver, started to run with it, and fell. The screwdriver pierced her skull just above her right eye. No brain damage occurred and no surgery was needed to extract the screwdriver. She is to make a full recovery. The news story says that she was playing with other children in a supervised area when the incident took place.

I'm curious about this "supervised area." Is this a shed in the back yard of the church where they keep hedge trimmers, gas tanks and screwdrivers? Or maybe it's actually a nice plush nursery, but with the extra special touch of screwdrivers laying around. My point being, why was there a freaking screwdriver in the children's play area? Bad church, that's a bad bad church, hope you learned your lesson.

Check out this 100% real, absolutely disgusting x-ray from the incident:

The Star Tribune telling of the story can be found HERE

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Anonymous said...

Some say that "it's a miracle" and she is "blessed." Hmmm, if she had died or become a vegetable, what would those idiots have said? But of course: "She/her parents must have done something to deserve it."
Churches can be hazardous to both soul and body.