Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Abnormal Wear

I had to work this past Saturday morning. When I left my house, the temperature was four below zero, but more importantly, the temperature had only risen to 5 above when I got off and found my left rear tire completely flat.

I had as much fun as I possibly could while changing a tire in that sort of weather, then headed off to get the tire fixed. Unfortunately, the tire was damaged beyond repair, and due to what they called "abnormal wear", my road hazard replacement warranty did not apply. I purchased a new tire and left my car so they could attach it. When I picked up my car, I got in and started to drive off. I looked to where I keep my sunglasses and they were not there. I quickly glanced around and didn't see them, as I slowed to the side of the road. I cursed the unknown tire-replacing guy who surely had stolen my glasses...Then I found the glasses wedged in between the passenger seat and the door.

Looking back, I'm not sure why I easily jumped to the conclusion that somebody risked their job by nicking a heavily used pair of $10 sunglasses. Typically, I try not to jump to conclusions or blame someone without all the facts, but it was very sunny out that day and I really wanted to put on my sunglasses.

Here is an awesome rendering of me looking sad over my flat tire:

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