Thursday, March 5, 2009

WAMB Investigative Report on Pistola Whipped

There’s a new blog out there called Pistola Whipped Gets a Life. The lady-blogger who operates the blog recently called me out! Right after she gets all high and mighty about interviewing Salt-n-Pepa, she calls me out...

“…I think I'm in the lead for the Most Popular Blog contest (take that Midnight Toker)! All right, I gotta dip…”

The investigative team here at Where Are My Balls as uncovered some information about Salt-n-Pepa’s treatment by Pistola Whipped behind the scenes. The following is a transcript of Pistola Whipped on the phone, talking with her assistant, while she waited for Salt-n-Pepa to get on the line to begin the interview. She had no idea someone was recording…

Pistola Whipped: What is taking those lazy SOB’s so long? Do you think they’re having a 3-way with MC Hammer?

Assistant: What about Spinderella? Wouldn’t it be a 4-way?

Pistola Whipped: Come on, keep up, we’re just interviewing Salt & Pep today, no Spinderella, hence a 3-way, not a 4-way. Can you just stop trying to piss me off? I know you’re dumb, you don’t need to try to prove it every five minutes. I cannot wait to get out of here and get me a drink. Do you think the big one is super fat now? Jesus, what time is it? Those fucking ass-…

Pepa: Hello?

There you have it, a frightening look at how Pistola Whipped handles herself behind the scenes. She’s appears to be smug, crass, and mean.

We also have obtained a photo of Pistola Whipped when she was in grade school. It clearly shows a messed up child, who grew up into the nasty-mouthed Pistola Whipped.

(Pistola Whipped pictured in the front in blue)

Pistola Whipped, you need to clean up your act if you ever want to beat me.

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