Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Peeing Aid

Here's another peeing ad for women. It is called My SweetPee.

You can purchase their reusable shield (blue) or disposable shield (pink). Now, with the reusable shield, you'll wanna make sure to get the citrus sanitizing cleanser.

Here's a little taste on how to use My SweetPee taken from mysweetpee.com:

You have a choice of two ways to STAND when using My SweetPee. You can either face the toilet or face away from the toilet. Both ways work well but our favorite is facing away from the toilet.
What is your favorite way of using My SweetPee? Facing the toilet or facing away from the toilet? I'll tell you one thing, the minute I get home, I'm going to try peeing facing away from the toilet...then I'm going to clean up the mess and watch a movie.

1 comment:

irayd8u said...

damn you jiggle my belly fat lol. too funny