Monday, October 22, 2007


I wish I could say I was being cool & ironic with the "Crazy Photo Monday" stuff, but that's what's going on here. It's Monday and I'm cleaning out my hard drive, and that's not a sex joke. I found some interesting stuff to share, re-share, whatever. Enjoy, or don't, see what I care!!!

Here is my estranged wife's cat with a superimposed mask:
Here is me with my old band playing on a flat-bed truck in a small town:

Here is Xtina in a white dress:

This is the stuff of dreams:

The guy in front is looking down towards the promised land, oh yeah.

Here is my uncle dropping by for a visit.
Just kidding! It's really not my uncle.
Zing! Bang! Bop! Had you going!

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