Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dating Advice From My Friends

My estranged wife & I met over 6 years ago, so I haven't "dated" since then. I haven't had to ask someone for a number, decide where to go on a first date, flirt, compliment, etc for over 6 years! Honestly, I'm a little nervous about the prospect of rejection, but mostly about the money involved in dating. At my age, I should be putting my disposable income into a 401K instead of spending it at some fancy restaurant to impress a lady.

To help me in my re-entry into the dating scene, I asked a couple of friends for advice, here is some of the suggestions I was given. Keep in mind that I asked for good advice, not bad advice. I wonder if these people ever have 2nd dates...

Bill - "To break the ice when you're out on a date, refer to Indians as Punjab. Like you're driving to the restaurant and you see an Indian riding a bike, you'd say, "hey look, there's Punjab."

Johnny - "To find out if she's cool or not, give her a little smack right on her ass. Do it right away, like when you're walking to the car or from the car into the restaurant."

Thanks for the advice guys, I'm sure it will help a lot!

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