Monday, January 26, 2009

Pet Names

I enjoy using pet names for my lady. Like gal, babe, sweet-tits, etc, but it seems that for every gal who likes being called gal, there's a babe who hates being called gal, and would rather be called sweet-tits.

I think it would be very fascinating for someone to take a poll of some average sweethearts to see what nicknames they like and dislike...if I were not such a lazy man, I would be that someone, but here some of the nicknames I would ask those doll faces about:

How about lady? As in: Hey there lady, how was your day?
or babe? Hey babe, how was your day?
or baby? Hey baby, could you get me a beer?
or darling? Hey darling, could you get me another beer...with less lip this time!
or honey? Hey honey, do you know where my ball-gag is?
or sweetie? Hey sweetie, I think you dropped something, you better bend over to pick it up...


KEN said...

Yay! You're back!

My Baby likes to be called "baby" because that's what i call her. i call her my baby b/c we met when I was going through a big Bruce Springsteen fan and he's got "his baby" "your baby" etc. all over his lyrics.

She also likes to be called 'slutball' 'poopface' and 'bitchhole'.

Midnight Toker said...

I am back. I have seen every cheerleader photo you can find on the web, so I'm back to blogging.
I do like Slutball and Poopface. I do call my lady Poop Nose once in a while, although she really doesn't like it, so I might stop. Good to hear from you, "Ken".

Aliecat said...

I'm always a little leary of "baby," but I dated a guy who called me "kitten" and I LOVED it.

Midnight Toker said...

Damn, Kitten is super awesome. Thanks for reminding me of that one. I think I'll try that one when I get home.

Pistola Whipped said...

I like to be called pussywillow